About Us

Some words about us

Pick N Drop Neighborhood Delivery Services is a 24hr Food, Beverage, Grocery and Alcohol local delivery service directly to your door.

We started in 2013 in Greenwich London servicing the borough with a 24 hour Food, Grocery and Alcohol delivery service. We quickly expanded outside Greenwich into all the south east London postcodes. Last year, we started servicing the whole of London and in due time, we hope to be of service to the UK and beyond.

We have over 50 regular delivery drivers who have been with us since we begun, hence a very well experienced delivery team capable of delivering your order within 45 minutes tops.

We work closely with  local outlets hence, not very far from your usual or new choices and also able to resolve issues quickly and effectively if need be.

We offer a highly hygienic and secured system of food delivery with regular checks on our delivery drivers to maintain the high standards we claim to represent.

We aim to get you what you need, anytime you need it and wherever you may need it, as fast as possible. Usually under 45 minutes.

This includes taking food orders from McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, Subway, Nandos, Greggs, and all your favourite local fast food services.

Dive into our In-House Menu List where you will have a good variety of taste from our carefully selected private local chefs and local restaurants. A highly recommended part of our service by our highly satisfied and very grateful customers.


Welcome to the new era in neighborhood instant food and shopping delivery

Pick n Drop quality feautures


We work alongside a carefully selected private local chefs and local restaurants to bring you the very best variety of taste and choices in food services. We have local bakers also, to bring you the best and freshest bakery delicacies. All delivered to you at your door and at anytime and anywhere.


Pick N Drop Neighbourhood Delivery Service offers multiple payment options for our customers. We understand the numerous circumstances where one could find themselves limited for some reason and so we are open to both cash payments on delivery and online secured card payment before delivery.

Food Menu

We have over 100 menus to choose from. We have the High-Street Menu List and our In-House Menu List which is constantly updated with new restaurant sign ups and new private local chefs. Customers have the choice to add some comments to the chef when an order is placed. We aim to offer customers a healthier and the tastiest collection of quality good food, all delivered directly to your door.


We are always available 24/7 at the other end of the line and by email and SMS to respond to all your enquiries. Our customer services team is very much dedicated to your full satisfaction and we will work with you to make sure all your needs and requirements are met effectively and on time.